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Typically, the focus of risk management is documentation and reduction of risk. Analytical resources are used to reactively put out fires.

In an optimized risk management environment, information is made transparent and available to the entire organization and risk management contemplates information driven trade-offs. In other words, risk management proactively empowers the organization to smarter decision-making.

We help companies better leverage risk management analytic capabilities to empower the entire organization. Risk is a necessary consideration around smart business, but it needs to be in the context of all things considered. We help build risk disciplines that help drive smart business rather than the simple documentation and elimination of risk.

Good risk management starts with the ability to source and analyze broad sets of organizational and industry data transforming it into information that can power optimal decision making.

Xceed helps burgeoning clients build front to back risk capabilities and drives refinements to established risk organizations.

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Risk Management is closely intertwined with every other area in fully integrated companies. One such close relationship in banking/finance is with loan servicing. Xceed often works with companies on separate, but related servicing issues and to give special attention to this need, we formed a separate company, WORKsimpl.

WORKsimpl is a collaborator for loan profitability. It optimizes loan servicing benefiting both portfolio owners and servicers. It works with portfolio owners and servicers of all loan types. Clients consist of the largest banks in the world, to small credit unions, to Fintech startups.


WORKsimpl  has a history of improving all aspects of the business of its clients. The name is born from its history of making the complex, simple.


Client success is often tied to maximizing profitability: reducing risk and expenses, increasing efficiency and revenue. Success is not limited to current profitability.


Simple is better.

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